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Honesty is the best policy

We donít want to make any promises we canít keep! We are a small family run bed and breakfast in the heart of Vienna, trying to make your stay in Vienna special with insider tips and a one-on-one service. We are always anxious to please, but we can't be compared with a grand hotel.

Your feedback is important to us!

Please take some time to tell us how you liked your stay. As a small bed and breakfast we arenít easy to find, but your rating will help us to be found in the World Wide Web. A lot of our guests leave us with a good feeling and a lot of nice memories; please share your experience, so we will be able to pitch a stay in Vienna to others!

Of course we are happy about a positive feedback, but even critics are welcome. This might help us to see our weaknesses and work on them to make things better!

You can leave your feedback on one of the many rating sites on the internet, or just write us an e-mail. Whichever way you prefer, we appreciate it!

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